Control Internet Access

BrowseControl can completely block the Internet, allow access to authorized only websites, restrict access to certain websites, schedule access to filter Internet during specific times of the day or week from a centralized console.

Internet Filtering Software

Thousands of business owners use BrowseControl to control employees by blocking Internet access. BrowseControl is a pioneer in the industry for being a leader in Internet filtering software.

Block their Internet access: Internet traffic can be blocked or filtered at both HTTP and HTTPS levels. Use an Allowed list or Blocked list to prevent access to certain websites. Choose from the 100+ categories available to block specific content. You can restrict Internet access by computers or by users.

Control the applications: Eliminate the workplace distractions such as online chatting, online gambling and online games. BrowseControl blocks applications through the “Original Filename”. Even if the user rename the file name, the controlled application will still be blocked.

Block files from being Downloaded: Block unwanted downloads of video files, audio files and executable files. This provides the additional security of protecting your network from being infected by virus or suspicious files.

Restrict traffic from specific ports: restrict traffic on specific ports such as FTP or BitTorrent to reduce bandwidth hog.

Safe Search: Enforce safe search to prevent explicit results from search engines.

Content Control Software

Manage your organization’s Internet Access

Block or filter Internet access conveniently from a Central Console. Internet traffic can be blocked or filtered at both HTTP and HTTPS levels. BrowseControl restricts Internet access by computers or by users.

White List / Black List

Allow or deny access to specific content

Enhance employee and student productivity by restricting surfing to work and school related sites only. Add the relevant sites to the Allowed List and the users’ browsing will be confined to these sites only. To allow access to all sites but the offensive ones (e.g. games sites and adult sites), enforce the Blocked List.

URL Category Filtering

Over 100 categories to restrict Internet access

BrowseControl’s extensive Category Filtering, comprising of a diverse listing of more than 100 URL categories provides the added control of managing website accessibility beyond the simple list of URLs. The laborious task of blocking millions of objectionable websites is instantly facilitated by simply selecting categories to be blocked from a range of 100+ URL Category filters.

BrowseControl Web Filtering Software Helps Businesses Improve Productivity

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