Block Any Websites

Manage your organization’s Internet Access

Block or filter Internet access conveniently from a Central Console. Internet traffic can be blocked or filtered at both HTTP and HTTPS levels. BrowseControl restricts Internet access by computers or by users.

Internet Access Control Software

Whitelist and Blacklist to control internet access

Allowed List / Blocked List

Allow or deny access to specific websites

Enhance employee and student productivity by restricting surfing to work and school related sites only. Add the relevant sites to the Allowed List and the users’ browsing will be confined to these sites only. To allow access to all sites but the offensive ones (e.g. games sites and adult sites), enforce the Blocked List.

URL Category Filtering

Over 100 categories to restrict Internet access

BrowseControl’s extensive Category Filtering, comprising of a diverse listing of more than 100 URL categories provides the added control of managing website accessibility beyond the simple list of URLs. The laborious task of blocking millions of objectionable web sites is instantly facilitated by simply selecting categories to be blocked from a range of 108 URL Category filters.

Download filter to control internet usage

Block Applications and Programs

Block Applications from Running

Stop chats, games or offensive applications

Eliminate the distractions from playing games or chatting online on common programs such as AOL Instant Messenger, Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger etc.. BrowseControl blocks applications through the “Original Filename” which is an internal name that cannot be modified even if the exe name has been manipulated.

Port Filtering and Download Filter

Block traffic from ports or specific file types

Port filtering can also be employed to restrict traffic on specific ports. Filtering options can be applied to block unwanted downloads of video, audio and exe formats. This provides the additional security of protecting your network from being infected by virus or suspicious files.


Filtering Users and Computers

Computers or Users
Internet policies can be deployed at the User or Computer level. User based management controls an employee/student’s Internet access, based on their Windows login. So regardless of which workstation a user logs into, their Internet access policies will apply.
Install separate consoles in each department or classroom

Multiple Consoles
Install separate consoles in each department or classroom, to allow the mangers or teachers to manage their own individual employees or students. Each console can be configured to display only the users or workstations associated with the specific manager or teacher.
web filtering for employee laptops outside the network.

Offsite Management
Do you have laptops outside the network that you would like to control? BrowseControl’s offsite management allow you to set up the Internet policies of your laptops on your LAN. Once the laptop leaves the LAN, the Internet will still be restricted by the policy.
control on how much time employees can spend on personal Internet usage

Internet Quota Limit
The Internet Quota feature gives the manager control of how much time employees can spend on personal Internet usage on their managed computers. Assign a designated amount of time that employees can have access to the Internet on a daily basis.
Client Deployment

Remote Client Install
The client component of BrowseControl can be installed remotely through the following methods – (1) From the BrowseControl Console, (2) Active Directory deployment and(3) Third party software deployment software, such as Deployment Solution.
Web Filtering based on Schedules

Internet Scheduler

While Internet access is restricted to company authorized sites during work hours, you may want to allow users access to personal sites during non-work hours (e.g. at lunch time). Through the Scheduler assign times when users are allowed access to non-work related sites.

BrowseControl can block Internet access from the following browsers:

internet access control software for Chrome control internet access for Firefox control internet access for Internet Explorer control internet access for Safaricontrol internet access for opera

… and many more popular Internet browsers

Compatible with: Windows 10, 8, 7 and Server. For both 32-bit & 64-bit platforms

Internet Access Control Software. Increasing the productivity of more than 10,000 schools and companies.