Using the Allowed list and Blocked list to Control Internet Access

Tips on Applying Websites to the Allowed list and the Blocked list:

  • Do not include http:// in your entries
  • Use the domain name of the website is sufficient (i.e. putting in the entry “codework” will allow my users to access and all the subdirectories)

Block Applications from running on your computers (1:37)

App Blocker information:

  • Even if your user rename the executable file or move the file, the application will continue to be blocked
  • Make sure you browse to the executable file when you are adding the application the to App Blocker list
  • Do not use App Blocker to block system associated files (i.e. iexplorer.exe)

Installation of the CurrentWare Server, Console and the BrowseControl Solution (2:25)

Installing BrowseControl has never been easier. Follow the instructions from the above video and it will guide you through a few simple steps to install the BrowseControl’s main components: the CurrentWare Server, the CurrentWare Console and the BrowseControl solution.

The CurrentWare Console is the interface that allows your administrator to control the Internet access and Applications usage of the managed computers on the network.

Choosing between PC mode and User mode during the installation – if your users have their own computer and will not log into another user’s computer, choose PC mode. If your users are roaming users that will log into multiple computers on the network, choose User mode.

Deployment of the CurrentWare Client (1:18)

Remote Install Requirements:

  • Turn off Firewall on the client computer is mandatory (under control panel)
  • UAC must be disabled on Windows 7 computers
  • Make sure the destination computer is available: Try to ping the other computer.

If remote client install fails for you, try the following tips:

  • Include the domain name when entering username field (i.e. Domain\Administrator)
  • Use another administrative account: Try the local computer’s account. Try a different domain account.
  • Turn off Simple File Sharing on the client computer (under Folder Options)
  • Try to use the IP address instead of the computer name, or vice versa.