Upgrading the CurrentWare Server, Console and BrowseControl

  1. Back up your database file – \Program Files\CurrentWare\cwServer\CWNPFB
  2. Download the latest version of CurrentWare.
  3. Run the CurrentWare.exe to upgrade the Currentware Server, Console and Solutions.
  4. If you are upgrading from version 4.X or 5.X to the latest version (v5.4), you will need to activate your CurrentWare Server with a new set of license key. Contact support for your new key . Customers with valid maintenance plans are entitled to new license keys. Customers without maintenance may upgrade for a small fee

Upgrading BrowseControl v4.X to the latest version

The upgrade from 4.X to the latest version is straightforward.

1. Upgrading the CurrentWare Console, Server and Solutions

Run the Currentware.exe file to upgrade the CurrentWare Server and Console to the latest version.

2. Upgrading the CurrentWare Clients

After the server upgrade, the client upgrade can be done automatically by enabling the following option: Install > Client > Remote Install > Upgrade > Automatically upgrade clients.

Upgrading BrowseControl v3.X to the latest version

The upgrade path for BrowseControl v3.X to v4.0 is slightly different due to the redesign of the software.

In order to upgrade, you must uninstall your existing BrowseControl Server, Console and Clients before you can install version 4.0.

In version 4.0, we have completely redesigned the database in the backend and integrated our solutions into one single console. Before you upgrade, please make a back up of your BrowseControl database: C:Program Files/Codework/BrowseControl/BCServer/CWBCFBDB and export your Allowed/Blocked lists before you perform the upgrade.

Please follow the upgrade steps available on this page: http://www.currentware.com/browsecontrol/upgrade/

In version 4.0, the blocking of USB/DVD devices and power management has been migrated to our other solutions. Keep in mind that those two features will not be available in BrowseControl v4.