See what our Customers have to say about BrowseControl

Sans Souci Girls High School

“Since implementing BrowseControl, Sans Souci Girls’ High School has experienced better grade averages; more responsible Internet usage by the students, lower unnecessary internet usage and more focused students.

I would heartily recommend this product to any school or institution where selective control over Internet access, as well as specific application control and port blocking, are regarded as important. “

School of Engineering (Blackpool and The Fylde College)

“BrowseControl has enabled us to maintain a high degree of flexibility and centralised management of not only Internet based services, but also of software and hardware across our network.

We have employed BrowseControl as part of our central networking provision, with its flexibility we are now able to not only control Internet access and reduce our once high bandwidth usage, but have found BrowseControl invaluable in controlling and scheduling application usage across computing suites.

One of many additional benefits of BrowseControl has to be its port blocking provision, instead of draining system resources with individual firewall software, we are able to control and if needed allow traffic from many different services and port’s from one centralised management application for individual systems or a full suite of systems.”

Prestige Bricks & Pavers Pty Ltd

“Thank you for your follow up email. Your software is operating flawlessly on our network & it has ultimately increased the productivity of my staff here. They are more focused on their work tasks, so that is fantastic from my perspective.”

S and B Automotive Academy

“We are finding the BrowseControl software useful on many fronts. The restriction of internet access is proving to be a fantastic tool and the ability to remotely prohibit the use of the CD and USB is useful for stopping unwanted software being copied. Not to mention the remote shutdown facility. How did we ever manage without it? Thanks for your help and support.”

Extraweave Pvt Ltd

“Prior to the use of BrowseControl and BrowseReporter, our IT department was totally unable to control or monitor the use of the internet by our employees.

We have been using BrowseControl and BrowseReporter from Codework for the last year. BrowseControl has always helped us to restrict use of internet/ applications/devices blocking (CD Drives/Floppy drives/USB drives). BrowseReporter has been great in enabling us to give feedback on which sites we need to restrict. With Bandwidth reporting and Remote Screen capturing, BrowseReporter has become the perfect tool for us to monitor our client PCs.”

GTi Limited

“After looking at other software that told me what I wanted to hear but didn’t actually deliver, I needed something that just worked. No hassle, a remote client setup that just works – add in the allowed URL’s and walk away. That’s exactly what Browse Control did. Configure it on a group or per user basis – whatever way you use it -it just works.”