How to Troubleshoot CurrentWare Console Server Connection

If you are experiencing technical issues when trying to launch the CurrentWare console on your computer, here are a few ways to troubleshoot the issue.


When you launch the CurrentWare Console, you encounter the follow error message below:

CurrentWare Console unable to connect to CurrentWare Server Service.

Please Start the CurrentWare Server Service from Service Control Manager.



Troubleshooting Steps:

When you encounter this error, the most common cause is that the CurrentWare Server service is not started.

To check if the CurrentWare Server service is running:

Go to Start Menu > Run > type in services.msc.

In the service manager, look for the CurrentWare Server service. Right click on it and select start if it has not started.

Run the CurrentWare Console again.


If you are still experiencing issues opening the CurrentWare Console and the CurrentWare Server’s IP address or Computer name has changed. You need to find the correct IP Address or Comptuer name.


To find your IP address or computer name, run the command prompt as administrator.

Type “ipconfig” for the IP address or “hostname” for the computer name.

Click OK from the above error window and then enter the correct IP address or computer name.

Make sure the server name matches the IP address or computer name on the CurrentWare console to fix the Console connection issue.

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