How To Troubleshoot CurrentWare Client Connection

You just installed the CurrentWare Client but it does not show up as “connected” on your CurrentWare Console.

There are a few possible causes that will prevent your CurrentWare client from connecting to the CurrentWare Console.

1. Restart the Client computer.  

 The CurrentWare Client installation will install files and processes that change your computer’s network layers. It is important that you restart the computer after the installation.

2. The CurrentWare Client service did not start up automatically.  

 If the CurrentWare Client service is not started, it will not connect to the CurrentWare Server. Go to start menu > run > type in services.msc > In the service manager, look for the CurrentWare Client Service and start it.

3. You did not apply your licenses to your new computers. 

This only applies to customers that have registered their BrowseControl licenses. On your CurrentWare Console, go to Help > Registration > click on the Next button > Check the computers you want to apply your licenses to. (Users evaluating BrowseControl will not experience this issue)

4. Your Client is connected to an invalid IP address or Computer name.
During the client installation, you put in the wrong IP address or computer name for of the CurrentWare Server. The client is now connected to an invalid IP address or computer name.

To fix this issue, you have to go to the client workstation and reconfigure the IP address. On the client workstation, go to C:\Windows\System32\wcsystck\ or C:\Windows\SysWOW64\wcsystck\ and double click on cwagent.exe > put in the client password (default password is Admin) > click on Server Settings > Make sure the IP address or computer name is correct.

5. On your CurrentWare Server, Open up the following ports in your Firewall
Firewall can cause connection issue between the CurrentWare Client and the CurrentWare Server. Please open up the following ports in your Firewall exceptions: [arrow_list]

  • For version 3.X: 8998, 8999, 3050 (both TCP and UDP)
  • For version 4.X: 8990, 8991, 8992, 3050, 1024 (both TCP and UDP)

6. If you have further issue with client connection, contact our technical support team