Increase Employee Productivity with BrowseControl

There are many distractions on the internet, whether you browse social media, forums, or videos it is becoming far too easy to waste hours of time.

Unfortunately these distractions are very enticing, and some employees are now wasting valuable work hours on the internet. With the internet becoming an essential tool in the workplace it is vital to ensure employee productivity when they are on the internet.

So you must be thinking, well how do I do that? It’s hopeless trying to watch every action they make. Well no need for despair, here are 5 things you can do to increase employee productivity on the internet:


1. Have a Clear Internet Usage Policy

I can’t stress this enough. If your employees know exactly what they are, and are not allowed to do on the internet it will make your life as a manager that much easier.

It will make internet usage very black and white, and if employees do watch an hour of YouTube videos they’ll know they’re breaking the rules.


2. Outline Disciplinary Actions for Breaking Internet Usage Policy

This might seem obvious, but having written disciplinary actions for breaking your policy will help on a few fronts.

First of all it will take away the issue of deciding on an appropriate punishment for each case. Secondly it will take away the negative effects it will have on your managers. If you have no written ramifications it may seem that your managers are going too hard or too soft on the employee. If its company policy then the manager is just doing his job, and the other employees will not be upset by the manager’s actions.

Lastly it will act as a deterrent for your employees since they will know the risk of their actions.


3. Control the websites your employees are allowed to visit

BrowseControl is an easy to use web filter that will allow you to block your employees from going to websites they shouldn’t be visiting.

It allows you, as a manager or business owner, to handpick which URLs (or preset categories of URLs) you don’t want your employees visiting.

The great thing about BrowseControl is the customizability. For example instead of disabling a few sites you also have the option of turning off the internet and enabling only a few websites. It allows you to control the internet in ways that work best for you, and is a web filtering tool that every good manager should have.


4. Monitor the websites your employees are visiting

BrowseReporter is a great piece of software that enables managers and business owners to monitor their employee’s internet usage.

This software is great when you don’t want to limit your employee’s internet usage, but want to keep a watchful eye over their activities. Do you want to know who is using up all the bandwidth? BrowseReporter will tell you. Want to know what websites they’re wasting all their time on? BrowseReporter will tell you. It’s a great product that also synergizes quite well with BrowseControl.

BrowseReporter will enable you to easily tell which websites need to be blocked, while BrowseControl will allow you to block those websites. If you really want to maximize internet productivity, these two tools are a must.


5. Enable Internet Usage during lunch and break time

With BrowseControl and BrowseReporter you have the option set schedules for certain times of the day. You can enable the full internet for their lunch which will allow them to browse as they please, ontheir own time. This will increase employee satisfaction, which in turn will increase their productivity.

So there we are, five ways to increase your employee’s productivity online. Why wait to increase your employee’s productivity, do it now with a free 14day no obligation trial of BrowseControl and BrowseReporter.