01. General Questions

What is BrowseControl?

BrowseControl is a software used to control the Internet access and block applications from running on your Windows computers.

What is the CurrentWare Console?

The CurrentWare Console is the Console that BrowseControl runs on. It is an integrated platform that houses our CurrentWare Solutions – including BrowseControl, BrowseReporter and enPowerManager. BrowseControl is the Internet Access Restriction Software Solution on the CurrentWare Console.

Who should use BrowseControl?

BrowseControl is suitable for use in companies, schools, libraries, hotels, hospitals, small businesses, doctor offices and many other places.

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Can BrowseControl manage Internet Restrictions by users and computers?

Yes, BrowseControl is able to function in two modes – PC mode and User mode.

In PC mode, the BrowseControl Internet restrictions are applied to the computers in the network regardless of which user is logged onto the managed computer.

In User mode, the manager has control over each Windows user on the network independent of the computer being used. If a user goes to another computer with BrowseControl installed, their Internet restriction policy will follow them to that computer.

Which operating systems does BrowseControl support?

BrowseControl is part of the CurrentWare Suite. CurrentWare Server and Console are supported on:

  • Windows 10 Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate
  • Windows 8 Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate
  • Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate
  • Windows 2008/2012/2016 Server

CurrentWare Client is supported on:

  • Windows 10 Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate
  • Windows 8 Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate
  • Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate
  • Windows 2008/2012/2016 Server

BrowseControl is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit platforms.

What are the limitations of the trial?

The BrowseControl trial is fully functional and is valid for 21 days only. The trial version is fully functional. You can use all of BrowseControl’s features during the trial. It can be installed on up to 50 computers.

Is BrowseControl compatible with Windows 10?

Yes, BrowseControl is fully compatible on the Windows 10 operating system.

02. Upgrading BrowseControl

How do you Upgrade CurrentWare to the latest version

The upgrade of CurrentWare to the latest version is straightforward.

1.Upgrading the CurrentWare Console, Server and Solutions

Run the Currentware.exe file to upgrade the CurrentWare Server and Console to the latest version.

2.Upgrading the CurrentWare Clients

After the server upgrade, the client upgrade can be done automatically by enabling the following option: Install > Client > Remote Install > Upgrade > Automatically upgrade clients.

03. Installation

Does the CurrentWare Server need to be installed on a Server?

No, the CurrentWare Server is not restricted to a Server computer.

It can be installed any other Windows operating systems.

How do I install BrowseControl on a single standalone computer (for home users or remote workers)?

You can install BrowseControl on a single standalone computer by installing all the components on the single computer – the CurrentWare Server, Console, BrowseControl Solution and the CurrentWare Client.

Note: During the Client install, please enter LOOPBACK as the Server name when prompted.

I just installed the CurrentWare Client on my computer and they are not showing up on the CurrentWare Console. (Client Connection Issue)

There are a few possible causes that will prevent your CurrentWare client from connecting to the CurrentWare Console.

1. You did not apply your licenses to your new computers.
This only applies to customers that have registered their BrowseControl licenses. On your CurrentWare Console, go to Help > Registration > click on the Next button > Check the computers you want to apply your licenses to. (Users evaluating BrowseControl will not experience this issue)

2. Your Client is connected to an invalid IP address or Computer name.
During the client installation, you put in the wrong IP address or computer name for of the CurrentWare Server. The client is now connected to an invalid IP address or computer name.

To fix this issue, you have to go to the client workstation and reconfigure the IP address. On the client workstation, go to C:\Windows\System32 or C:\Windows\SysWOW64 and double click on cwagent.exe > put in the client password (default password is Admin) > click on Server Settings > Make sure the IP address or computer name is correct.

3. On your CurrentWare Server, Open up the following ports in your Firewall
Firewall can cause connection issue between the CurrentWare Client and the CurrentWare Server. Please open up the following ports in your Firewall exceptions: [arrow_list]

  • For version 3.X: 8998, 8999, 3050 (both TCP and UDP)
  • For version 4.X: 8990, 8991, 8992, 3050, 1024 (both TCP and UDP)

4. If you have further issue with client connection, contact our technical support team

Email: support@currentware.com

Phone: 613-368-4300

How do I configure BrowseControl so that it works with my Proxy Server?

If your network is running behind a proxy server, you have to configure BrowseControl by adding your Proxy Server’s port to the “Port Filter” list.

Ensure that the Filter Type is “HTTP Filter”.

How do I deploy the CurrentWare client from a Central Location?

There are three ways to deploy the CurrentWare Client to your targeted computers – 1) Remote Client Install or 2) deploy by Command Line or 3) deploy by .MSI

1. Remote Client Install – BrowseControl has a built in Remote Installer. To use this feature follow the steps below.

  1. On the menu bar click on Advanced –> Remote Install Client(s).
  2. Enter/Browse the path of the Client msi file on the Server computer.
  3. Enter the Server name/IP address and the Client password. In case the Client password is not mentioned then the password is taken as the default ‘Admin’. Click Next.
  4. Select the PC’s on the network where the Clients are to be installed. Click Next
  5. Enter the Username and Password of an Administrator account of the PC where the Client has to be installed. Click Next.
  6. The Client component will be installed on the selected PC.

2. Deploy by Command Line – The CurrentWare client file can be deployed through a single command line. You can use switches along with the command line to deploy the CurrentWare client with the configurations of your choice.

3. Deploy by 3rd Party Software – BrowseControl is distributed in MSI (Microsoft Installer) format. This facilitates the deployment of BrowseControl through Microsoft Active Directory, SMS, Altiris and many other Software Deployment Tools that support the MSI Standard. For detailed instructions, please refer to the BrowseControl User Guide.

The Remote Client Install failed and return the error messages Access Denied or RPC server is unavailable.

If you are experiencing issues with the Remote Client Install, please try the following troubleshooting tips:

  1. Turn off Firewall on the client computer is mandatory (under control panel)
  2. Turn off UAC on Windows Vista and Windows 7 computers.
  3. Make sure the destination computer is available: Try to ping the targeted computer.
  4. Include the domain name when entering username field (i.e. DomainAdministrator)
  5. Use another administrative account: Try the local computer’s account. Try a different domain account.
  6. Turn off Simple File Sharing on the client computer (under Folder Options)
  7. Try to use the IP address instead of the computer name, or vice versa.

04. Windows Compatibility

Is BrowseControl compatible with Windows Windows 10?

Yes, BrowseControl is compatible with Windows Windows 10 Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate for 32-bit and 64-bit platform.

When performing a Remote Client Install on to a Windows computer, I keep receiving the error ‘Unable to connect!’

In order to use the Remote Client Install on Windows computers, you will have to disable UAC from the ‘User Accounts’ utility from the Windows Control Panel. Windows’ User Access Control system currently prevents BrowseControl’s Remote Installation. Also disable the Windows Firewall.

05. Application Blocker

Can you block an application from running using BrowseControl?

Yes, BrowseControl can block applications from running on managed computers.

Is it possible to get around the Application Blocker by renaming the exe file?

No. BrowseControl’s Application Blocker uses the Original File Name property or a checksum of a file to block applications.

This means that the filename of the EXE is not considered when tracking which file needs to be blocked. The Original File Name is a property that is inherent to the specific .EXE file. In the event that this is not available, a checksum is used. A checksum is a series of numbers representing the contents of a file and it is extremely improbable that two executable files have the same checksum.

Can I display a warning message to the users if they try to run an unauthorized application?

There is a default warning message that will be displayed when your users access a blocked application. You can customize this warning message.

Can I block games and instant messengers using BrowseControl?

Yes, BrowseControl can block games, instant messengers or any program from running on the Client workstation.

  1. Select the group for which you want to apply the App Blocker.
  2. Under the BrowseControl tab, click on the App Blocker option
  3. Before an application can be blocked, it must be added to the Application List. Enter the Original Filename of the application to be blocked in the Application Name textbox. A description can also be entered for convenience.
  4. Alternatively, click on the Browse button and locate the .exe file of the application to be blocked. The Original Filename of the application will automatically be populated in the Application List.

06. Internet Restrictions

What is the URL Filter?

URL filter allow you to control the websites that your managed computers can go to.

Allowed List: BrowseControl has the functionality to allow access to certain web sites when the Internet connection has been turned OFF. This feature, referred to as the Allowed List.

Blocked List: BrowseControl has the functionality to prevent access to certain web sites when the Internet connection has been turned ON. This feature, referred to as the Blocked List.

How to access the URL filter:
Click on the folder that your computers are under. Click on URL Filter button under the BrowseControl tab to bring up the URL filter window.

On the URL Filter window add the URL of the sites to the Allowed list or the Blocked list.

Note: It is important that you DO NOT add the http:// prefix to your entries. Just enter the Domain Name you want to allowed or blocked. To deny access to specific URLs, add entries to the Blocked list. To allow access to specific URLs, add entries to the Allowed list.

This feature is group specific.

How do I allow Mapquest and Google Maps on the Allowed List?

Both Mapquest and Google map retrieve map information from outside of the original domain. In other words, you have to add additional entries to the Allowed list for both Mapquest and Google map to work properly.

For Maquest, add:


For Google Map, add:


How do I allow Microsoft Updates on my managed computers?

BrowseControl usually does not block the Windows Update from updating. If it does, please add the following entries to your Allowed list.

For Windows Update: windowsupdate update.windows microsoft

My users cannot access some of the websites on the Allowed list?

Some URLs may be redirectional websites. Some websites may contain data that needs to be retrieved from an external sources.

In both cases, make sure you have added the extra domains in the Allowed list to allow the external websites to be displayed. You can check the source code of the page to identify any additional links referenced on the page.

How can I give access a domain and its sub-domains?

When entering URL addresses, do not enter http:// before your website. The http:// prefix will cause BrowseControl to ignore that website altogether and the website will not be allowed in this scenario if it has the http:// prefix.

For example, if you would like to give access to http://www.currentware.com, on the Allowed list, put in www.currentware.com without the http://. To give access to the entire domain of www.currentware.com, simply add currentware to the Allowed List.

How do I allow Common Web Emails?

You need to add the following entries to your BrowseControl’s Allowed list to allow access to common web email providers:



Hotmail Attachments:




Yahoo Mail: 


07. Functionality

How can I password protect my CurrentWare Console?

The CurrentWare Console can be password protected.

You will need to create an operator with a password. Go to Tools > Operators. There are two types of operators: User and Administrator.

Users have limited access and you can define the limitations within “Operators permissions”. Administrators have full access to all functionalities.

How do I retrieve my CurrentWare Client password?

If you have lost your CurrentWare Client password, please contact our technical support team for further technical assistance: support@currentware.com

Can I restrict access to the Internet but still allow access to our local Intranet?

Yes you can allow access to your local Intranet page and still deny Internet access.

To do so, enter in the name of the Intranet page into the Allowed List to be given access to it.

Example: Intranet Page: http://companymachine/ Enter in: “companymachine” into the Allowed List to allow access to the page.

Alternatively, you can enter the IP address of the Intranet server.

How do I block traffic from specific ports?

To block access to specific protocols select the group and click on the Block Ports button under the BrowseControl tab. Add the ports you would like to block to the list.

What are the different methods to allow Internet access to my users?

There are three ways to allow Internet access to your users.

  1. Turning the Internet to ON
  2. Setting an Internet scheduler to turn the Internet ON at specific time
  3. Setting a timer to allow the Internet to be ON for an interval of time
Is it possible to retrieve the CurrentWare Console password?

To retrieve your CurrentWare Console password, please contact the support team for further assistance: support@currentware.com

What ports need to be opened on my Windows Firewall or my 3rd party Firewall?

The following TCP and UDP ports must be open on the BrowseControl server: 3050, 8990, 8991 and 8992 (both TCP and UDP)

How can I block certain file types from being downloaded or viewed?

Add the file you want to block in the Download Filter

08. Uninstall

How can I uninstall the CurrentWare (BrowseControl) Client?

From the Console – The BrowseControl Client can be uninstalled from the BrowseControl Server by right clicking the Client and selecting Client Service > Uninstall.

If you need further technical assistance with uninstalling the CurrentWare Client, please contact us directly by email at info@currentware.com

How can I uninstall the CurrentWare (BrowseControl) Console?

To uninstall the CurrentWare Console, go to Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs.

Uninstall CurrentWare.

How can I uninstall the CurrentWare (BrowseControl) Server?

To uninstall the CurrentWare Console, go to Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs.

Uninstall CurrentWare.

09. Purchasing

Where can I find pricing information on BrowseControl?

You can find the price list for BrowseControl from http://www.currentware.com/price

You have to buy a BrowseControl license on each computer you want to manage.

License is based on each computer with unlimited users on that computer.

How can I purchase BrowseControl?

You may purchase BrowseControl Online: http://www.currentware.com/price

You may also purchase BrowseControl by Credit Card, Bank Transfer or Cheque.

To purchase, Please contact your local Codework Office By Email: info@currentware.com

By Phone:

Europe (UK): +44-(0)161-474-0444

USA: 613-368-4300

Canada: 613-368-4300

Asia +91-484-2415055

Other countries: 0161-474-0444

By Fax:

Europe (UK): +44-11(0)161-474-0787

USA: 1-866-929-9808

Canada: 6 1-866-929-9808

Asia +91-484-4061003

Other countries: +44-11(0)161-474-0787

How is BrowseControl delivered after I purchase it?

BrowseControl is delivered electronically. That means you download the software from our website.

Upon purchasing BrowseControl, you will be emailed a license key which will allow you to activate the software as a permanent copy.

CD copies are available at $39.99 USD, £15, 20 Euros, $39.99 CAD per copy.

What does 12 months of free maintenance include?

12 months free maintenance entitles you to free upgrades and unlimited telephone and e-mail support.

Do I have to pay for the product every 12 months?

No! Your license key is a permanent key and therefore you only pay a one time fee.

This includes 12 months of upgrades and support. After 12 months, in order to continue with upgrades and support, you have to purchase an Annual Upgrade and Maintenance Plan (AUP) at a nominal rate.