Website filter software ensures employee productivity

Internet Filtering can Decrease Time Wasted by Employees

BrowseControl can be used to improve employee productivity and reduce costs with its internet filtering and application blocking functionalities.

For a quick illustration of how much unproductive internet browsing by an employee could cost your organization, use our productivity calculator by completing the form to the right.

The calculation does not include additional costs the company would incur from a higher bandwidth requirement due to non-work related internet browsing.

Number of employees in your organization with PC Workstations:
Average hourly cost per employee, excluding overheads: $
Average time spent unproductively using applications and/or browsing the Internet per day: Hours

Find out how much BrowseControl can save your business:

Without BrowseControl, casual non-work related employee browsing and application usage will cost your business around:

$ / every day
$ / every week
$ / every year

With BrowseControl’s internet filtering and restriction and application blocker, you can prevent your employees from visiting non-work related websites and running distracting applications such as games and video players. Using BrowseControl can make your organization more productive than ever and improve your daily business operations. You can also reduce your costs making your business more efficient by maximizing your output at the lowest cost possible. With our one-time fee pricing model and perptual licenses, our software eventually pays for itself, making BrowseControl worth the investment for you company. For more information on our prices, you can go to our pricing page here.

We have helped many companies, both small and large, increase their organization’s productivity and reduce their costs.

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