Blocking Sports Sites

Sports is a favourite pastime for the majority of us, whether it’s baseball, football basketball or any other sport. However, browsing the Internet at work is an inevitable source of distraction for employees.

There are other hazards with sports sites as well, hazards that involve the workplace environment. Studies show that major sporting events, such as the World Cup, can cause divisions in the workplace between employees. It creates a division between employees who are interested in the sport, and those who are not. Sports can also have a different effect on the workplace; some experts believe that sports can boost morale and productivity in the workplace through employee satisfaction.

But how do you find a balance that benefits your company? Too much time spent on sports websites is obviously detrimental to productivity, however, total restriction can cause employee dissatisfaction. With BrowseControl you can set schedules on website use, allowing your employees to visit sports sites during their lunch, but preventing them during working hours.


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BrowseControl Web Filter

  • Internet Control: filtering their web access.
  • Application Blocker: eliminate unnecessary use of “time-wasting” applications.
  • Allowed & Blocked List: Control Internet access on an ad hoc basis
  • Internet Scheduler: enable Internet access at specific times.
  • Download Filter: Prevent the threat of infecting the network
  • Centralized Console: manage all policies from a central location.

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