Block Games

For as long as computers have been around, games have been played on them. They started out quite simple, games such as Pong and Pac-Man for example. However with the advent of the Internet these games moved online, and became more complex, easily accessible and time consuming. So accessible, that they can easily be played at the work place with a simple google search.

There are thousands upon thousands of games to be found online, all with the capability to waste your employees’ valuable working hours. Due to the sheer amount of these games it is very difficult to stop your employees from playing them, and even with some modern day Internet filters a determined employee can download a small game and play it locally. Thankfully there is an Internet filter that is capable of keeping employees on task, and away from the countless hours of wasted time that online games provide.

BrowseControl has the ability to filter out online games, as well as controlling any downloads on company computers. With the handy download filter and category filtering technology BrowseControl is the ultimate tool to keep your employees on task.

Block online video games

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BrowseControl Web Filter

  • Internet Control: filtering their web access.
  • Application Blocker: eliminate unnecessary use of “time-wasting” applications.
  • Allowed & Blocked List: Control Internet access on an ad hoc basis
  • Internet Scheduler: enable Internet access at specific times.
  • Download Filter: Prevent malicious code of infecting the network.
  • Centralized Console: manage all policies from a central location.

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