Block Gambiling Websites

The vast majority of the work force uses the Internet in some manner on their job these days, whether it’s through a point of sale computer or through their daily tasks. While the Internet has created many opportunities for businesses across the globe, it also comes with risks such as added distractions. Some of these distractions can cause further damage to the company, such as lateness, theft and more.

Gambling is one of the distractions that is a serious concern to companies, and as there are thousands of casinos online the threat is very real. Employees could be spending countless company hours on online gambling. The stress from gambling is also proven to have a devastating impact on the individual’s personal and work life. Not only that, but 1/3 pathological gamblers reported stealing from their employer. Online gambling is one of the most dangerous uses of the Internet to employers today.

Thankfully there is a way you can prevent your employees from gambling at work, saving you money, increasing efficiency and potentially reducing employee stress. BrowseControl allows you to instantly block all gambling related websites or pick and choose which websites to filter.

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BrowseControl Web Filter

  • Internet Control: filtering their web access.
  • Application Blocker: eliminate unnecessary use of “time-wasting” applications.
  • Allowed & Blocked List: Control Internet access on an ad hoc basis
  • Internet Scheduler: enable Internet access at specific times.
  • Download Filter: Prevent the threat of infecting the network
  • Centralized Console: manage all policies from a central location.

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