Facebook is the largest social media site to date with over 500 million people who use the social media site. It is used to keep in touch with family, track down long lost friends, and manage your social life through the Internet . Facebook can be found across the Internet , with a like button on nearly every web page and blog post.

The issue is that it is also used at work, with an estimated 28 billion in productivity being lost to employees using Facebook. It is a large drain of time and a major threat to the productivity of every employee. It is estimated that 336 million minutes are spent on Facebook at work every single day. The need to filter the Internet and block Facebook is a critical aspect to increasing efficiency and productivity in the work place.

BrowseControl allows you to block Facebook, social media sites, and other distractions at the click of a button. It also comes with the feature for allowing your employees to browse Facebook during their lunch, allowing employees the satisfaction of keeping up with their social lives while not wasting any company time.

Block employees from browsing Facebook

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BrowseControl Web Filter

  • Internet Control: filtering their web access.
  • Application Blocker: eliminate unnecessary use of “time-wasting” applications.
  • Allowed & Blocked List: Control Internet access on an ad hoc basis
  • Internet Scheduler: enable Internet access at specific times.
  • Download Filter: Prevent malicious code of infecting the network.
  • Centralized Console: manage all policies from a central location.

Internet Access Control Software. Increasing the productivity of more than 10,000 schools and companies.