Blocking Entertainment Sites

Entertainment sites are one of the primary sources of distractions on the Internet. Links to time wasting websites are plastered across the Internet . Even on useful web pages with relevant information to the employee’s task you can find links to articles with the latest celebrity gossip.

As with all of these entertainment sites one article leads to another, creating potential for wasting large amounts of time. There are also many videos on these sites, some that play automatically when the page is opened. This can use up quite a bit of bandwidth costing the company purse as well as potentially slowing the Internet for other employees.

But how do you stop your employees from visiting these websites? Internet filtering is the easiest and most cost effective solution to the problem. With BrowseControl you can quickly and effectively eliminate the risk of entertainment websites. You can filter out time wasting websites by simply blocking entire categories of URLs relating to entertainment sites.

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BrowseControl Web Filter
  • Internet Control: filtering their web access.
  • Application Blocker: eliminate unnecessary use of “time-wasting” applications.
  • Allowed & Blocked List: Control Internet access on an ad hoc basis
  • Internet Scheduler: enable Internet access at specific times.
  • Download Filter: Prevent malicious code of infecting the network.
  • Centralized Console: manage all policies from a central location.

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