An Application Blocker that’s easy to use!

The Application Blocking feature lets organizations build a “blocked list” of applications that users will no longer be able to launch from their PCs.

Using Browse Control, administrators can quickly and easily block users from running dangerous, time-wasting or nuisance applications such as KaZaa, instant-messaging programs or specific games.

BrowseControl is bullet proof since it uses the software’s internal Windows name, so power users who decide to re-name their .exe files to scam BrowseControl won’t make it.

Aimed at preventing employees from running time-wasting software such as Kazaa, MSN, games, etc., BrowseControl will trap the launch of any application which is specified on the BrowseControl Blocked Application list. A corporate message can also be displayed when any attempt is made by a user to run a blacklisted application. The BrowseControl Application blocker will also benefit schools, where it can restrict students from launching unauthorized applications (such as games) during class.

1. Right click on a Group of PCs and choose “App Blocker”. The following Window will popup:
block programs using the App Blocker

2. Click “Browse” and browse for the application to be blocked:
Application Blocker - browse for executable files

3. Upon clicking Open you will see the Application listed in the left hand pane. Highlight the Application and move it into the right (as below) and then choose Apply and Close. The application should now be blocked on PCs within your chosen group :
List of blocked applications

With these three easy steps any application can be blocked on your BrowseControl Clients. Please view the BrowseControl User guide for more information on the Application Blocking feature.

Due to the technical nature of P2P and IM Programs you will find that if they cannot communicate they will jump ports until they find a sufficient connection to their Server. By Blocking the Program using BrowseControl Application Blocking the program will not run at all and cannot be ran until you take it out of your Blocked Application List.

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